Applewoods Mani

Applewoods Mani

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MANICURE: Polish and cuticle work. Enjoy Aveda Hand Relief Cream and Oil. $18


GEL MANI: Long wear polish and ion sealing light. $30


STRESS-FIX MANI: We will focus on helping you relax, incorporating upper shoulders and neck massage. Stress Fix aroma infused with organic french lavender and clary sage, and skin hydration with parafin. Discover a beautiful way to relieve stress and reconnect with you yourself. $28  *NEW*


HAND RENEWAL MANI:   Gentle exfoliation to reduce sun damage and age lines. Masque and parafine will improve elasticity and moisture with a blend of peptides and hydrolonic acid. Leaves hands radiant and looking youthful. $30



STRESS FIX PEDICURE: Relax Nerves and Muscles. Relaxing warm stone massage and Aveda's Stress Fix aroma blend sea salts and hydrating lotion, infused with lavender, clarysage and frankincense.   $50


ADVANCED CARE PEDI: Designed to remove painful calluses on the sole and toe, fissures on both sides and heel of the foot, and deeply clear the skin. Paraffin will moisturize and soothe while the drill minimizes calluses, improving the feel and appearance of the feet. Moisture and exfoliation with Aveda creams and scrubs. $55


DETOXIFYING ANTI-INFLAMMATORY: Alleviate aches and pain. Relieve your feet in effervescent water to increase circulation. Anti-Inflammatory soothing massage with green tea. $50



BEAUTIFYING SPA PEDI: Heal and Hydrate. Aveda's Beautifying Radiance Polish with rich salt crystals and organic sunflower oil will smooth your skin. Massaging with Beautifying Hydrating Lotion infused with organic rosemary and bergamot will deeply hydrate your feet. $50


Why you'll Love our Nail Therapies:

We carefully designed each manicure and pedicure to be different than most nail salons you've been to. We want your experience to be as relaxing and soothing as possible. 

  • Relaxing and quiet environment 
  • No chemical smells 
  • Warm neck pillows and blankets
  • Organic Nail Polish Options
  • Gentle and detailed nail technicians
  • Customizable options on every service
  • Aveda creams and oils
  • More than 200 colors and modern collections from OPI, ESSIE, VINYLUX, and SHELLAC.


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