Visit Applewoods, Care For Earth

April is Earth Month and we wanted to take this time to show our pride in everything we do to care for our planet.. 


  • Products sold at Applewoods are Cruelty Free.

- Never tested on animals. - No animal derived ingredients used. 

cruelty free spas in florida.jpg
  • All Aveda products are produced in a wind powered facility.

- Cut down on Carbon Emissions which contribute to global warming.

-First beauty company in the world to run on wind power.

  • All trash is recycled at Applewoods

-All cardboard, plastic, and paper is recycled by Weston Town Center.

earth friendly salons in florida.png
  • Aveda gift boxes are fair trade and provide a livable wage to its artisans. 

-Every box and paper is ethically made in Nepal. 

  • We provide non-toxic options for hair relaxers and nail polishes, 

-formaldehyde free options -no chemical smells

  • All hair color is 97% naturally derived

-plant derived hair dye means less chemicals for your body. -lessens contamination of our water supply.

-Available at Applewoods all month!-

-Available at Applewoods all month!-

All proceeds of our Earth Month Candle donated to Everglades Foundation.