20 min. Stress relief at Home

Sometimes meditation can seem difficult but, guided meditations serve as a great tool to help us begin this essential routine. It only takes 20 min. of your day and it is proven to give you the ability to deal with stressful situations better

This meditation can be done at any time during the day. You can be seated in a chair and still receive the benefits. Allow your back to be straight yet comfortable. In a guided meditation all you need to do is listen and allow your self 20 min. of relaxing. A moment to yourself which you likely deserve.  

Pick a quiet and clutter free space in your home. If this is not available, you can put on headphones to help block out outer noise. Using headphones also allow you to hear the meditation in your office. You can also sit outside in a cool area free from distractions. 

One of our favorite guided meditations hand picked for you.