New Year, Better Skin

Lets start your skin on all new habits. A new year marks the perfect timing to implement new tips and tricks to make your skin look it's best. 
Our skin care experts at Applewoods, narrow it down to their top 3:

1. Sunscreen:

Dark Spots on the skin are one of the biggest challenges to correct. There are treatments to fix these however, it's always best to go the preventive route. Pick a sunscreen that is made for the face. Apply this every day and anytime after showering. Even those sunscreen that read waterproof, need to be re-applied. Another trick is to keep a sunscreen in your car. This way, you'll always be prepared. Our left side of the face normally receives more sun due to the side of the car we sit. Try focusing on that area the most. 

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2. Pillow Case:

Your pillow case may be causing breakouts more than any other part of your daily routine. We seldom think about the amount of time we spend with our face on the pillow. Our skin estheticians recommend changing the pillow case at least once a week. Take into consideration the material the case is made with. Cotton or silk are the most recommended. 

3. Make Up Brush

This is probably something we all know but, sometimes forget to do. If you don't want to spend extra money on special soap, you can use baby shampoo or dish soap. These will protect the hair on the brush and draw out excess oil and dirt. Place them in an area where the sun hits it and once dry, put them inside a plastic zip lock bag.